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Who We Are:

The Mason Contractors Association of Greater Chicago (MCAGC) was formed in the 1960s as a nonprofit organization with the intent to increase market share in a competitive construction community. It is run by a Board of Directors which consists of Union Mason Contractors and a variety of leaders from our industry suppliers.


Since its inception, more than 100 individuals from union contracting firms have volunteered for our Board positions to make a difference.  In doing so, they have solidified their own companies as masonry leaders as well as unifying our industry. Friendships and bonds built from our membership are legendary.

What We Do:

Through their cooperative efforts of our Union Contractors and Industry Suppliers:


  • The MCAGC manages Trustees for the DCTC fund, the Health and Welfare Funds, Annuity Fund and Pension Fund. Historically these Trustees are appointed from our Board or members of the MCAGC.

  • The MCAGC acts as a liaison and represents its members in contract negotiations with the union. Adopted contract changes strengthens the work force in this area as “Union” but also strengthens our relationship with the Union.

  • The MCAGC works and partners with the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (IUBAC) and the Administrative District Council (ADC #1) of Illinois Bricklayers in a variety of ways. Our cooperative efforts with the Apprentice school - District Council Training Center (DCTC), ensures that our highly trained apprentices are prepared to start their careers as qualified, skilled tradesmen for the masonry industry.

  • The MCAGC also partners with the MidAmerica Regional Bargaining Association (MARBA) and their affiliated organizations who hire many of the same union labor. This partnership has been invaluable at bringing union labor and management together as is our partnership with the Construction Industry Service Corporation (CISCO)

  • The MCAGC partners with the Masonry Advisory Council in their endeavors to promote our industry by creating brand awareness and providing necessary continued education to students, Architects, Engineers General Contractors, and Construction Management professionals.


The MCAGC the association of, by, and for the Union Mason Contractor.

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