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Member Benefits

The MCAGC continues to expand its services to members each year and the following listings are just a few things that would accompany membership:

  • Networking– Meet and get to know other mason contractors from other disciplines and other management levels.

  • Contacts– Friendships made through association meetings result in    professional contacts that help your company reach its goals.

  •  Image– Improve the public image of your profession through public  service programs.

  •  Lobbying– Your industry’s views in a generic way are presented to key decision makers (architects, engineers, general contractors, and legislators).

  •  Continuing Education– Seminars on scheduling, marketing, liability,  insurance and many other subjects keep you up to date with a rapidly changing industry. 

  •  Cooperation– The unification of industry efforts to work with industry associations such as MARBA for labor negotiating. Local promotion and local industry advancement funds, CISCO, the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council, and Bricklayers Labor Management Corporate Committee.

  •  Local Promotion– The ability to use Masonry Advisory Council for technical support with masonry related problems.

  • Bricklayer Share Program– Everyone needs bricklayers. Some manpower problems can be solved. Members share brickies, 2 days, 2 weeks, or longer. 

  • Fund Representation– Health and Welfare, Pensions, Apprenticeship & training, LMCC, IL Structural Masonry Coalition, Annuity (Our contractors volunteer on these funds)

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